"Why move to Salisbury, NC?"

by Alissa M. Redmond, owner

The Literary Bookpost in 2010.

The Literary Bookpost in 2010.

I've gotten a lot of probing questions regarding my decision to leave the U.S. Foreign Service to move to Salisbury in December 2019, and I thought I would jot down some thoughts here, in the hope I can convert you, dear readers, into residents of - or at least frequent visitors to - this charming town. Salisbury has so much to offer, and - as I've lived here for approximately a minute and a half - this is my expert plug for the greatest little town I’ve found on the east coast so far.

Salisbury is geographically located in the center of my universe, as a preacher’s daughter from eastern N.C. with close relatives scattered from Savannah, GA to Williamsburg, VA and beyond. It's located directly off a few exits of I-85 - about a 40 minute drive to either Charlotte or Winston-Salem, and is dead center between a drive from Washington DC to Atlanta. If you time it right, you can fly to New Orleans for $50 each way from the airport in Concord - to say nothing of the flight possibilities from CLT.

Salisbury is 以太坊价格今日行情home to two universities (Catawba and Livingstone), a community college, seminary, AMAZING symphony, several live theaters (my 4-year-old daughter wants to be in the Children's Theater's production of Frozen next summer...), and a vibrant arts district. There are multiple opportunities to be involved in philanthropy here, including via the regional headquarters of Lutheran Services. Salisbury is the birthplace of Food Lion, Cheerwine, Elizabeth Dole, and Zion Williamson.

Most importantly, the community of Salisbury is unlike any I've ever known before. I feel so welcome here, and in an authentic manner I've never experienced in any of the other cities I've lived in - domestically or overseas. My daughter is thriving each day as she walks from 以太坊价格今日行情home to school to library to park to my store to 以太坊价格今日行情home. We’ve already had more visitors (family, friends, and new neighbors alike) in the short few weeks we've resided here than ever elsewhere before. I never thought I'd have roots somewhere. They are here. Maybe yours are too.

Mirabella presides over the Children’s Section at South Main Book Company.

Mirabella presides over the Children’s Section at South Main Book Company.

As for this beautiful bookstore - in August 1998, Mr. Deal Safrit opened the Literary Bookpost, across the street from where we are now. I am very sorry not to have met Deal, but so enjoy the stories that folks pass about him when they visit the store. I hope that the spirit of his store lives on through this space for many years to come.

I thank you for choosing South Main Book Company - or another indie store - over Amazon. Your support keeps our doors open, our light bill paid and the water turned on. Studies have shown that the health of a bookstore directly mirrors the health of the community. We’re good - in fact, we are great! My family and I truly love this town, this store, and our customers. So thank you again for buying local and supporting your neighbors in Downtown Salisbury.

South Main Book Company in 2017.

South Main Book Company in 2017.

And please do consider making South Main Book Company your local bookstore, even if you are thousands of miles away? Keep your dollars local (i.e. not with Amazon) and purchase books from us wherever you call 以太坊价格今日行情home!

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